July 17, 2020

WhatsApp for Business releases several new tools

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WhatsApp for Business is expanding the reach and use of QR codes to let customers easily connect with businesses on the platform, providing them also with a series of stickers (pictured below) to kick off “we’re open for business” campaigns; and it’s made it possible for businesses to start sharing WhatsApp-based catalogs — dynamic lists of items that can in turn be ordered by users — as links outside of the WhatsApp platform itself.

The WhatsApp Business app — used by merchants — now has 50 million monthly active users, according to Facebook.

Its two biggest markets for the service are India at over 15 million MAUs and Brazil at over 5 million MAUs, while catalogs specifically have had 40 million viewers.

The idea now will be that those links can now be shared on Facebook, Instagram and other places.

Source: whatsapp.com