October 16, 2020

Pinterest: Story Pins!

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Pinterest has finally joined in on the fun with the introduction of Story Pins.

A new way for creators to connect with their audience through visual storytelling, and this update coincided with improvements to creator profiles and new analytics tools.

A new option for creators to share their original content on the platform that can direct back to their own site.

In a recent article detailing the launch of its newest features, Pinterest had this to say:

“Today we’re introducing the biggest updates for creators yet, to connect them to our growing audience looking for positivity.

We’re launching a suite of creator-first features including Story Pins in beta, a new creator profile and analytics tools to track performance.

These new publishing and measurement tools will give creators ways to easily publish immersive and expansive stories directly to Pinterest and reach Pinners looking for inspirational ideas and people to follow.”

This new release will allow creators to tell unique visual stories with videos, voiceover, and video and text overlay.

“We’re making it easier for creators who are eager to share their talent, passions and creativity to flow back directly into Pinterest without the need for a website. For Pinners, this means the ideas within a Pin will be more engaging and actionable.”

This new feature shows great opportunity for marketers, as pinners are always looking for content, products, and resources that match their specific needs.

The potential ROI for brands who use Pinterest for marketing can be huge, and here are the statistics to show exactly why.

Source: pinterest.com