April 20, 2021

Instagram Reels Ads

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On Instagram, we have the first appearance of Reels ads, giving brands a way to tap into the platform’s TikTok clone.

As you can see here, Reels ads are pretty much just the same as organic Reels, in terms of format and presentation, but with additional features like a ‘Sponsored’ tag for transparency and a ‘Shop Now’ CTA button at the bottom.Additional CTAs are also available, including ‘Install Now’ as seen in this live example posted by @WFBrother.

Reels ads will be shown between organic Reels clips, and can be up to 30 seconds in length.

Instagram hasn’t provided any concrete data on how Reels is going, and what user response has been like for its short clips option, but it does seem to be gaining some traction, aligning with the broader TikTok usage trend. 

Reels ads are first being tested with brands in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia, with a planned expansion “in the coming months”.