July 26, 2019

Gucci app: ‘try on’ shoes with AR technology

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Gucci has introduced a feature on its app: “try on” function with AR technology in order to try its ace sneakers, the best solution to present its newest models to its fans in the fastest way possible.

The app is made possible by on-device and real-time machine learning algorithms that suss out the position of the shoes in space while accounting for color, texture, and lighting variations, plus a fully equipped printing studio that Wannaby uses to create 3D sneaker models. The end result is foot-tracking tech that’s robust enough to adapt to different camera angles and follow footsteps as feet move and rotate.

Customers can also take photos of themselves ‘wearing’ their favourite ace models and share these on social media platforms.

“The ace sneaker, with its ever-changing decorations, has become a canvas for Gucci through which to demonstrate its delight in creative decoration and embellishment, the italian fashion house explains. “as such it is also the ideal vehicle through which customers can express their own personalities.

gucci introduces iOS app that lets you try shoes on using augmented reality