July 12, 2019

More ways to discover inspiring video on Pinterest

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People come to Pinterest in order to try something new, or for finding new inspirations. For this reason, brands like L’Oréal and Tastemade, are using video on Pinterest to spark inspiration and tell their story. In fact, searches for “inspirational videos” have increased 31%¹ since last year. 

Giada video tab

Now, Pinterest introduce an updated video uploader that enables creators to seamlessly upload video directly to Pinterest to engage with new and existing audiences, using a new video tab on business profiles.

And also, new video analytics for businesses to view lifetime views, so they can get insights into the performance of their video over time.

More trending¹ searched videos on Pinterest include:

The latest video updates are now available for business accounts in all English-speaking countries, France and Germany, and starting to roll out to creators all over the world.

Source: pinterest.com