February 12, 2021

YouTube New Video Sharing Feature

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YouTube seems to be opening up more to the short-form video format, the video platform has started testing a new feature to let users and creators share specific segments from videos and live streams, dubbed “Clips.”

Currently it’s available only on a limited number of channels. Clips will now let users share a part of the video or a live stream — between 5 to 60 seconds — with their own attribution. 

You can click on the “Share Clip” button to get social media sharing options. The clip generates a unique URL that you can copy and share manually or on a specific social media platform.

Some limitations where Clips might not be available:

  • On videos made for kids
  • Live streams over 8 hours long
  • Premieres while they’re still live
  • If the original content is deleted, set to private, or violates the community guidelines.

source: youtube.com