February 5, 2021

Pinterest adds stories to its home screen

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Pinterest now displays a row of stories at the top of its home screen. The change will start appearing today on iOS and Android.

“Story Pins” were introduced to Pinterest in September. They worked like pretty much any other story format, with short videos posted back to back that you could tap to move between.

Story Pins is an all new type of Pin and publishing option that gives creators a way to tell dynamic and visual stories with videos, voiceover and image and text overlay.

For Pinners, this means the ideas within a Pin will be more engaging and actionable.

Creators with access to Story Pins can use the Pinterest camera to record video, add multiple images as well as text with custom fonts. To help Pinners take action on their ideas, creators can also add a detail page with ingredients or DIY materials.

Story Pins also make it easier for creators to build an audience on Pinterest since they aren’t ephemeral and don’t disappear after 24-hours. To ensure ideas get in front of the Pinners who are looking for them, creators can tag Story Pins or videos with topics or interests fueled by the trends and insights on the platform. 

source: pinterest.com