November 15, 2019

Instagram goes after TikTok with new app ‘Reels’

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Instagram has launched a new feature Reels which aims to replicate the key functionality of TikTok app. In order to try and beat TikTok at its own game, and blunt its potential to take away younger users.
Reels will enable users to create short videos which can be shared and mixed just like TikTok.
Those videos can include music, utilizing Facebook’s expanding music library, while Reels also includes a range of creative editing options, like variable playback speed and ‘ghosting’ which enables users to create more seamless scene transitions.
Instagram director of product management Robby Stein telling TechCrunch: “I think Musically before TikTok, and TikTok deserve a ton of credit for popularizing this format.”

Now, the new app is available only for users in Brazil.