April 27, 2020

Facebook’s new ‘Messenger Rooms’

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Facebook wants to kick the video-conferencing interloper off its turf with the new function “messenger rooms” a virtual room where you can hang out with up to 50 people at a time with no time limit.


– can be created from Messenger or Facebook
– you can invite anyone to join, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. 
– will be available on Instagram, WhatsApp and the Facebook Portal smart speaker, too.

“The ability to feel like you are directly connected with someone live over video”“It’s an incredibly important way people are relying on to stay connected right now,” is essential to maintaining that togetherness, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

Messenger Rooms arrives as some people are looking for an alternative to Zoom, which has faced a number of privacy issues in the past two months.

Messenger Rooms privacy protections include the ability to control who sees your room, and can lock or unlock it.

If it’s unlocked, anyone with the link can join and share the room with others. But the room creator has to be present to start the call. Facebook doesn’t listen to your calls at all, the company said. 

Source: facebook.com