August 16, 2019

Facebook Opened Spark AR Platform to Creators on Instagram

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Facebook’s Spark AR augmented reality platform for creators is out of closed beta on Instagram and available for use by all creators on the photo- and video-sharing network.

Starting today, anyone can create and publish their own Spark AR effects on Instagram. New Effect Gallery, which includes niche AR effects from up-and-coming artists, making it easier for people to discover unique effects from the creator community.

More than 1 billion people have already used AR effects and filters powered by Spark AR on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Portal.

Luke Hurd (@lukehurd) has created 30 Spark AR effects to date to reach his community on their social platform of choice. “What drew me to Spark AR was this great feature set,” he explains. “It’s on devices that everyone can use, doesn’t require headsets, and it has built-in shareability. Really, everything connected to the point where I thought, ‘I really need to be involved in this and figure out how people use this.’”

Whether you want to add a new layer of fun to an event with a custom filter, Spark AR Studio has everything you need to get started.