August 21, 2020

Facebook is testing Analytics for groups

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Facebook is adding another new feature for groups, with a new post analytics option which will provide more context as to how people are engaging with group updates.

As explained by Facebook:

“With post-level metrics, admins can easily see the reach of a post with the unique number of people who’ve seen the post as well as engagement by reactions, comments, shares and clicks. Each post also shows the number of active members in the group at the time of post, a key driver of reach and engagement.”

“A member is considered active at the time of post if they have viewed group content in the group or in News Feed in the past 28 days”

Facebook says that the option will initially be tested with a small number of groups, on all devices, over the next few months.

“Only posts created after this feature begins testing in your group will show these insights” 

Groups remain a big focus for Facebook, with more people engaging in private group discussion, away from the scrutiny of the public feed, for this reason Facebook adds also new sponsored post options for groups. Read more here >