About us

A creative agency turning
ideas into beautiful things.

Founded in March 2015 and piloted by Managing Director Chiara Fornari, Ready2Fly is a Digital Boutique able to develop tailor-made projects for luxury and high-added-value brands, also belonging to the consumer world.

Inspired by the idea of a glider and supported by an enthusiastic and dynamic team, who is always up for new challenges, Ready2Fly offers an unique technical experience along with a deep understanding of the digital world, combined to create original and slender flights.

Ready2Fly routes originate on social media, mastered with a savy insight and shaped to deliver concrete and focused 360 digital strategies, featuring cutting edge creative contents and often supported by a solid network of opinion leaders and influencers. Followers are taken on board of campaigns with a pronounced emotional component, always keeping an eye on performance and results.

Ready2Fly is part of FSB group, independent network of communication agencies including:

  • Fasten Seat Belt events agency specialized in luxury productions;
  • Below The Airline events agency specialized in food and beverage, telecommunications, automotive, beauty & accessories / mainstream projects;
  • Pilot Room public relations couture agency that promotes high-end activities;
  • Cabana Magazine based in London, bi-annual magazine dedicated to high-end interior design, offering a fresh and original point of view on luxury furnishing, with a very recognizable colorful and eclectic creative signature.